Street Festivals, Sitting on Roofs, Celebrating Art

What are Street Festivals?

 Community celebrations are important to the dynamics of our cities, towns, and urban areas.  They define the personality of a community and how they like to celebrate. It is an invitation to gather, celebrate a product, theme, or new concept..  If you visit and travel throughout Michigan (and beyond) you will see communities that host street festivals to bring people downtown and experience the many things that organicall happen every day.  Super Saturday Weekend, now called June Jubilee, is really an "artistic" street festival.  And, actually, Mixer on the Mall is a street festival.  At The Event Company, we want to do more street festivals.  Yes, it is a ways to expose our interns (college students at WMU) how to run an event, but it's our opportunity to "unveil" our downtown retailers and restaurants.  Watch for more information on what we are planning for Summer 2014 and how street festivals will become an important part of that mix. 

Roof Sit - May 15-17

The Community Healing Centers is hosting their annual Roof Sit 2014 on the corner of S. Westnedge and Milham.  Our goal this year is to raise $95,000.  We are looking for volunteers, planners, Tips for Kids groups, and salons to help us host cutathons.  It's a massive event, filled with a committment to raise  money to support programs that treat and prevent child abuse and neglect.  Guided by an amazing team of dedicated committee members, The Event Company is so fortunate to be the one to help guide this event and work to make a difference in our community. To check out Roof Sit and all the opportunities, please visit

Art on the Mall - June 6 & 7

Applications are now being accepted for the Art on the Mall event in downtown Kalamazoo.  Please take a minute and go to for more information on the application process and the event.  The  Event Company is managing the event and would be happy to answer any questions about entries, volunteering, and of course, attending.  More information the closer we get to the event. 

Events for 2014 - Things we are working on....

The Event Company is working to design an event for 2014 that will incorporate more community collaboration and innovation that provides entertainment on the street and a footprint that allows creativity, performing arts, and hand-on opportunities for involvement.  So, look to learn more about what might be happening on the streets in Downtown Kalamazoo, and if you would like to learn more about "Unleash the Zoo" please give us an email - we would love to involve you in the planning process ( 

We have just filed nonprofit papers to the State of Michigan for the launch of a new business, the Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center in downtown Kalamazoo.  This center will enable interns to work with nonprofit organizations in the fields of public relations, marketing, event management and hospitality. This center, like a university institute, will be benchmarked in creating meaningful internships and opportunities for college students to gain "feet on the streets" experiences providing the true experience to complement their academic learning.  Until the center is operational, The Event Company can still be of service to  nonprofit organizations providing intern planning services.

2014 promises to be a different and innovative year for The Event Company.  It's about creating meaningful experiences that create community in such a way that we organically and meaningfully  truly love where we live. It's great to be a part of the innovative spirit of Kalamazoo. 




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