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The Event Company has been instrumental in helping to direct a number of initiatives in downtown Kalamazoo that will help to provide direction to other communities, Main Street programs, and urban celebration. 


Event in a Box – Ready to be Opened!

The Event Company has designed many events and then for various reasons, the events were either sold or given away to other organizations that are now hosting those events successfully using the templates that were designed for implementation.  It works.  So, these events are now ready for sale and will be tweaked for your community’s implementation.


The pricing package depends on the changes your community requires for adaptation.  But the cool aspect of the Event in a Box is that the contracts, event timelines, vendor information sheets, and tent diagrams are all interchangeable.  This means that you can in a word document, an excel spread sheet, you can change the grids to match your specific vendors, partners and volunteers.


Now, we have done events for a really long time, so these event templates reflect years of refinement, and mistakes that we simply don’t want you to make.  Additionally, the templates include both governmental and jurisdictional risk management requirements that are critical to the safety of your event.  So, learn from our history and take advantage of what we do know.


How do we know it works?  Just recently we provided to a charity a complete 3 day festival in a box.  The for-profit entity that purchased the event used all the templates for the event and implemented the 3 day festival without a hitch.  They walked through the timelines, used the contracts, used the instructions, job descriptions, and the access data base for queries, merge print documents, and they used the maps.  This is an event in a box offer.


Existing Templates:

Chili Cook-off 

This is a one day event that is a retail based initiative designed for downtowns and main street programs.  The templates include:

  • Timelines

  • Sample introductory memos to sign up stores and restaurants

  • Food Sampling Guidelines

  • Supply requirements and orders numbers (based on participants)

  • Volunteer job descriptions

  • Charity initiative to collect mittens for children at the shelters

  • Ice sculpture event outlines (as an event add on – which can be expensive)

  • Design templates (these are in InDesign)


Street Art Fair 

Street art fairs are great way to intertwine art and community. Typically a street art fair will last all weekend. The Event Company has more than ten years of experience running street art fairs effectively and without incident. A template will include:

  • Overnight security procedures

  • Brochure and marketing templates

  • Water barrier walls and other city ordnance  information

  • Artist submission guidelines and applications

  • Booth map template 

  • Table, Booth, and barrier rental contact information



The Event Company does parades both large and small. The in spring time we do the Do-Dah Parade which is a fun parade with a bunch of wacky entries. Do-Dah averages 40 parade units a year with about 20,000 spectators. Before Thanksgiving every year, The Event Company welcomes in the holiday season with The Holiday Parade. The Holiday Parade has been going on for over 52 years and averages 100 parade units (3,000 participants) with over 40,000 spectators. The Holiday Parade is also broadcast on TV. The parade template includes:

  • Application forms

  • Lot rental forms 

  • Volunteer sign-up and procedures documentation

  • Assistance and advice on setting a successful parade order

  • Examples from previous years

  • Staging and parade route maps

  • News release and other marketing materials

  • Helium balloon contact and suppliers

Event in a Box Designed just for you!

The Event Company specializes in idea-creation.  This means that we will design an event that is specifically ready for your implementation.  The event will include some of the basic things that you need to get your event ready for your community and your stakeholders.  Working with your team we will provide the following documents.


  • Target Audience Profile

  • SWOT

  • Event Organizational Chart

  • Event Components Affinity Diagram

  • Value Proposition Grid

  • Sponsorship Plan and Stakeholder Assessment

  • Event Design Plan

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Budget – this is a retooling adjustment of the original budget presented as part of the initial meeting

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