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What we've done

Ribfest Kalamazoo

For 20 years,  the Ribfest event was run by The Event Company with the leadership of interns.  They helped to develop the framework of an event that had relevance, a value to the attendees as well as the charity which served individuals with developmental disabilities - Community Advocates.  The Event Company created an event management framework that was sold to Town Square Media and is implemented today with the same level of consistency, because of the files provided - it's basically an Event in a Box. 

The Kalamazoo Holiday Parade 

The Kalamazoo Holiday parade is a 100 unit parade that attracts 40,000 attendees and television viewers annually.  With 11 marching bands, giant balloons, floats, community businesses and organizations, this event  is truly a community celebration. Interns design, recruit, manage, and enhance the event.  In fact, there isn't a part of this parade that isn't enhanced with the magic power of college interns. 

New Year’s Fest 

New Year's Fest celebrates the New Year with a performing arts festival that hosts 24 artists in 11 building attracting 8,000 attendees.  College interns are used to help recruit the entertainers, develop the contracts, recruit the sites, design the marketing materials, and implement the event.  What's left?  The people and they provide the event day framework that enhances the community spirit found to be a benchmark service in Downtown Kalamazoo.

Creation of Templates

Our event team has created hundreds of the templates that are created for events.  These templates, which are also available through Event in a Box, have been used for literally hundreds of events.  The templates include:


  • Target Audience Profile

  • SWOT

  • Event Organizational Chart

  • Event Components Affinity Diagram

  • Value Proposition Grid

  • Sponsorship Plan and Stakeholder Assessment

  • Event Design Plan

  • Contracts (entertainment, vendor, food vendor)

  • Liquor application guidelines (these are specific to the State of Michigan)

  • Vendor guidelines

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Budget 

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