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Who we are

The Event Company
An Event Consulting and Public Relations Firm in Kalamazoo


Maybe it's a seed of an idea, a notion, or an elaborate plan and you're not sure how to make it happen. At The Event Company we can. We specialize in taking concepts or objectives and turning them into events that help make your organization, your product, or your services a shining success. No matter what your stage of planning, we can help with the concept and objective development all the way through strategic ideation, logistics, site management, contingency planning and event marketing platforming.


We at The Event Company understand that events are complex, living mediums that make statements, send messages, create community, sell products and enhance images.  As a partner in event ideation, The Event Company has a depth of knowledge to assist in planning an event that creates a multi-tiered experience.  Experiential learning tactics are used provided to assist in assuring that an event is relevant and mission based. 


The owner, Deb Droppers, has a depth of knowledge in the event planning world and has worked for the City of Kalamazo0 as a communications manager helping to create events, festivals, and special events.  Prior to the city of Kalamazoo, Deb managed the YMCA Corporate Olympics.   



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