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The Event Company 
values the power of placemaking and the
simple fact that people
can shape how they
interact and celebrate to create sustainable

Ideation. Experience. Placemaking

Event Planning Services

The Event Company is a consulting firm that specializes in analyzing your event needs.  We are consultants.


We don't implement events anymore, but our years of experience will help you review your event plans and determine how you can assure that your event is all that it can be.  

Our team has been in the event business since the 1980's.  At the forefront of what we do, we have created events that are still in operation under a new team of leadership.  The success and continuation of these events have been sustained through the templates, grids, how to's, and procedures established to help the events move authentically through leadership transitions. 

Our team of consultants are well-seasoned event professionals that will help you confidently walk through the event planning journey. 

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Need help with your Event?


We're here to provide consulting  support with a one or multiple day event. We can also assist with event creation and branding. Events should be fun. Let us take the stress out of planning and implementation. Let's talk today.

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